Barnet and Meyerhold: A Film Insert (1929)

Barnet’s film insert for a Meyerhold spectacle

The subject of Boris Barnet and Vsevolod Meyerhold is a fascinating one. There may not be the amount of material warranting the number of studies devoted to the relationship between Sergei Eisenstein and the avant-gard theatre director, but nonetheless in Barnet’s films Meyerhold actors were certainly not scarce (from Zharov to Sverdlin and often they would play side by side – Barnet would work together with both Igor Ilyinski and Ivan Koval’-Samborski (who he would later direct) inMiss Mend and would act alongside Valery Inkizhinov in The Heir to Genghis Khan. He would direct Lev Sverdlin in By the Bluest of Seas. Elena Tyapkina would play in his House on Trubnaya and the satirical playwright Nikolai Erdman would help to pen two Barnet scripts (House on Trubnaya and The Old Jockey. Moreover, Nikolai’s father, Robert Erdman would play the German lodger in Barnet’s Outskirts. And these links are only the start of a very long subject.

One of the moments when Barnet worked directly with Meyerhold was his shooting of a film insert for a play in verse by Alexander Bezymensky entitled The Gunshot I hope to discover more about this fascinating collaboration.



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