Leonid Gaidai’s quote from Barnet


One of the most popular Soviet film directors in the late Soviet period, Leonid Gaidai, worked with Boris Barnet on his Moldovan film Liana (1955). One of the many figures of post-war Soviet film that Boris Barnet worked with (Marlen Khutsiev also worked with Barnet on this same film), Gaidai would write, into the margins of his screenplays or plans, a quote from Barnet:

“Until you feel joy, don’t shoot a single frame”.

An example of this note from Gaidai can be seen in the title above.

It is said that Leonid Gaidai considered Barnet as one of his major teachers (alongside Grigory Alexandrov).

Gaidai, after his work with Barnet, would go on to shoot films such as The Diamond Arm which would become one of the all time leaders at the Soviet box office.

Source: Photo and information from the website dedicated to Leonid Gaidai


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